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Millie's Journey


Millie and her 3 litter mates were fighting for their lives when they arrived to a foster home with Journey Home Animal Rescue in September 2019. At approximately 3 weeks old and with no mother to be found, they were very sick, cold, and hungry. The volunteers with Journey Home Animal Rescue quickly went to work getting them safe, warm, fed, and proper vet care. The pups ended up needing syringe feeding, subcutaneous fluids, supplements, and medicine multiple times a day. Volunteers took shifts around the clock, caring for these tiny, sick, pups. Unfortunately, even with the extensive medical care, it wasn’t enough for the sickest little one who peacefully passed in the caring arms of a volunteer. After several weeks of around the clock care, the remaining three pups, Millie (formally Tennessee), Remy (formally Matilda), and Wesley (formally Porter) were finally ready to be adopted.


Through this difficult journey, the inspiration for Four Families was born.


This is Millie when she was first rescued by Journey Home Animal Rescue

millie 1.jpg


This is Millie in her new home.

She loves to play outside with her brothers and sister.

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